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Alpha 10

The Alpha 10 Ste Foy is a large format clay tile. It is an interlocking tile with a flat surface. It is produced at Ste Foyin the Rhone valley. The Alpha 10 Ste Foy has a thoroughly modern look with harmonious proportions and a bevelled front edge. It is suited to both newbuild and restoration. The dimensions of the Alpha 10 Ste Foy and its ease of installation have ensured it of an ever increasing success. The tile is now beginning to spread beyond its native region to take over new territory. From now on, roofs are being built using Alpha 10 Ste Foy, in Rhone-Alpes, Burgundy, Franche-Comte, Alsace and as far away as the Ile-de-France. The popularity of the Alpha 10 Ste Foy has extended beyond its native region and has exceeded the production capacity of the Rhone site. From now on, in order to respond to increasing demand and to respect the environment by limiting transportation, the factory at Quincieux in Rhone-Alpes will provide extra manufacturing capacity of the Alpha 10 Ste Foy.

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