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Imerys HF Beauvoise 20 Clay Roof Tile

This is a small elegant inter-locking plain tile with an attractive leading edge. The Beauvoise 20 provides a cost effective solution with flexible roofing applications both as a plain clay tile or clay slate. Only 20.5 per m2 required. Available from our yard in Stokenchurch in Between High Wycombe and Oxford

Technical Data Roof Vertical
Minimum roof pitch 22o N/A
Headlap (minimum) 77mm N/A
Batten spacing at maximum gauge 4.8mm N/A
Size of tile 322 x 235mm N/A
Covering capacity 20.5 tiles per m2 N/A
Cover width 200mm N/A
Weight as laid per m2 N/A
Weight per 1000 1.2 tonnes N/A
Weight per tile 2.2kg
Battens per m2 10m
Batten size – up to 450mm after centres 38 x 25mm
Batten size – up to 600mm after centres 38 x 25mm
Nail size/type of tiles 38 x 3.35mm aluminium ring shank clout head 38 x 3.35mm aluminium ring shank clout head

Ad Ref.:   98

01494 482 396

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